“LiveShare for Partners” – A new way for Businesses and Brands to engage with their users

The work we do with our partners and collaborators is of utmost importance to us. We try to make photo sharing as visually appealing and simple as possible by creating custom embed walls for their websites. This allows for them to directly connect and interact with their community base with live images of what their followers care about most. We now want to make this process easier and more seamless. With our brand-new LiveShare for Partners, our partners can create their own custom LiveShare photo galleries on their websites, blogs or Facebook page and all consumer and owner generated content is in one place. By syncing all your photos on mobile and web, the possibilities for LiveShare for Partners is endless.

To begin, create a LiveShare account. After signing in, you can start to create an event. Enter all pertinent information – title, duration and location of event. The address you enter is the region where the event will show up on the mobile app, making it easier for a large number of people to add photos. For instance, say you’re a big Neil Patrick Harris fan (who isn’t?) and you have a fan page devoted to following his every move, you can now create a “Neil Patrick Harris” stream.

You will also have full control on all content that will be visible on your web page. By modifying the moderation settings, you can determine which photos will appear in the gallery. There will be an option to delete any photo or comments.

Once these steps are done, you can begin to customize your gallery by choosing a background best suited for your brand. You will then receive an embed code that you simply copy and paste onto your site.

The LiveShare embed wall gallery contains rich content and an eye-catching 3-D display wall. Photos can be taken on your mobile device into the stream from the app or uploaded directly in the gallery and can then be enjoyed in real-time on both the app and the web.

Finally the entire gallery can also be shared out via Twitter, Facebook and email – merging your mobile, web, and social networks all in one, increasing the engagement and visibility with fans and users. So whether you are a large brand or a celebrity, have a band page, blog, a fan site, run a non-profit, news organizations, or sports team – LiveShare for Partners is perfect for you! Keep in mind that this is our first version of LiveShare for Partners. We intend to continuously and constantly improve. We are always looking for feedback as well, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the “comments” section or e-mail us at

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