Catch Cooliris this Week at Google I/O!

This Wednesday, our co-founder and CTO Austin Shoemaker will be speaking at Google I/O about the integration of Google Drive into the Cooliris user experience! Each year Google I/O (which, by the way, stands for Input/Output) brings together thousands of developers for 3 days of discussion about the latest innovations in mobile, web, and social technology, and here at Cooliris, we can’t wait to attend!

While this year’s conference keynotes will be centered around Google’s three main products ( Chrome, Android, and Google+), there will be several sessions at the conference focused on Google Drive. In case you didn’t know, Google Drive is the new cloud service that allows users to create, open, save and share any type of file, enabling applications to seamlessly interact with and extend the user’s personal cloud.

So, what role will Cooliris be playing in this year’s conference? Representing one of three companies in Day One’s session, “What’s possible with the Google Drive SDK,” Austin will be demoing how Cooliris has integrated with this new service. It will be a fun demo so make sure you stop by! Also, check out for more new and exciting stuff we’re working on.

If you’re attending the Google I/O conference, make sure to swing by and see Austin Wednesday at 5:15 pm in Room 1 at the Moscone Center, and if not, check back with the Cooliris blog on Thursday for a recap of the session! We’ll also be live tweeting from the event so make sure to follow us @Cooliris for updates! See you all there!

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