What went on with Cooliris at Google I/O

Last week’s Google I/O excitement did not stop after the skydivers’ landing on top of the Moscone center. Just hours later, during the “What’s Possible with the Google Drive SDK”, Cooliris CTO Austin Shoemaker awed conference attendees with his presentation on the integration of the Cooliris Wall with Google Drive SDK. Unable to attend the session? No worries, check out Austin’s presentation below, starting at 28:33!

As one of three companies to demo the implementation of Google Drive, Austin demoed how Cooliris enables users to browse, search, and share content from the drive. By displaying and sharing content from within the Google Drive on the Cooliris Wall, he provided viewers with an immersive browsing experience.

Google Drive’s amazing repository for media and OCR capabilities were further leveraged as Austin’s search for “Taj Mahal” yielded photos of our team’s trip to Taj Mahal which had never been tagged before. Unaffected by the ensuing round of applause, the demo continued as pictures were snapped around the room, uploaded to the drive instantly, and shared – all within a few seconds.

Now the only question is, what’s next? Check out and be the first to know!

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