Messaging, activity view, and more new features for LiveShare on Android!

Here at Cooliris, we have been fast at work making sure LiveShare is the best experience across mobile and web! There have been some big developments in the works for Android users, and today we are launching a major update full of new features to make your LiveShare experience even better. Download it on Google Play now!

LiveShare for Android started as a way to share beautiful photos with the people closest to you. The new LiveShare for Android has been transformed from an app just for sharing photos to one that allows you to share colorful conversations with friends and family, whether that be photos, messages, or the combination. Check out some of the new features!

Integrated LiveShare Messaging
The new LiveShare for Android will now offer texting, group messaging, and photo sharing in a single app, complementing the iPhone and web versions of LiveShare. You can enjoy free group messaging, or free 1:1 messaging with family and friends. Additionally, you can message anyone you like, even if they don’t have LiveShare installed. Friends can reply back to you on the LiveShare mobile app, the web app, or through email.

Activity View
We’ve also added an activity view, where you can easily catch up on the latest photos and messages, from conversations both old and new. You can toggle between stream view and the Home screen by clicking the LiveShare logo in the top left.

Added Contacts Tab
A new contacts tab makes it even easier to share with the friends, family, and people who matter most. Easily add people to your conversations with a single tap, integrating your contacts from your address book and Facebook.

New UI Look and Feel
Finally, we’ve revamped the look of LiveShare to accommodate for text and photo conversations. Images will be larger and appear beautifully in line with your text conversations. Moreover, the new profile view will show the photos you’ve recently uploaded. We’ve worked hard to make an app you love to use and look at, and we’re striving to create the best user experience above all else.

Make sure to upgrade to the new LiveShare for Android on Google Play!

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